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Saturday, June 8, 2013

8 June 2013

Welcome back to the long-weekend edition of Sardonic Saturdays - where every silver lining has a cloud.

Every time I leave Sydney I notice something about the people sitting around me in a restaurant, cafe or  cannabis clinic. No one is on their phones. I'm very much used to the smartphone being glued to my hand, the only organ outside by body - probably a sign of a Type A Personality...or OCD.
Today's contributor David doesn't hold the same attitude to the smartphone. Or perhaps he does, but he just writes to well to the contrary. His blog TakeMeToYourReader provides an avenue for a very coherent rant, and proves what I've told him a few times - his best writing comes out when he's shitty.

Here's a sample:
You see, instead of exposing the world to your ignorant braying on yet another topic, you can look at the ubiquity of the mobile phone as an opportunity for some self-reflection – even if all that means to you is turning on the front-facing camera. Sure, you might have the latest Smartroid from that chink company in Korea, but you still can’t manage to make a phone call without fumbling open at least seven other apps, can you? To paraphrase Maurice Switzer, it’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and confirm that you are indeed just another garish blot on the genetic landscape.
Ah yes, it appears that Saturdays are Sardonic for others too.
Check out his blog post via the link below!


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