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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

5 June 2013

Wednesdays - they're the 3pm of the week. When it isn't very close to home time, and you're starting to crash from lunch and coffee.
You need a quick pick-me-up!
We have just the thing.

One of the most popular videos on CollegeHumour is one titled '100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time'. Again, it speaks for itself. It's a 10-minute collection of 100 of the greatest insults in the history of cinema as assembled by CollegeHumour

They range from playful jabs from Monty Python to some serious streams of profanity in Goodfellas
The one which makes me giggle every time is from Bad Santa: "You're an emotional f**king cripple, your soul is dogsh**, every single thing about you is ugly".
Another is Alec Baldwin's 'always be closing' speech from Glengarry Glen Ross - this was his only role in the entire movie and it won him an Oscar.

Warning: very course language in some parts. But I think that was obvious, wasn't it?

The full 10-minute video is below.

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