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Friday, June 21, 2013


Well, Daily Quoters, tonight marks my final post for about 8 weeks.
Tomorrow morning I have my final exam, which means I am not sleeping tonight.
Twelve hours later I am on a flight to Madrid, Spain - as such, I am somewhat of a mess right now.

I dedicated my incredibly scarce time to this project in December 2012, and since 2 December 2012, I've posted every single day for over six months.
The blog has gained a respectable following, and I am confident that the exponential curve will grow in my favour in the months (or, gasp, years?) to follow.

Feel free to revisit some of the old content - this material never goes out of style, its hardly contextual and the variety means that you have over 150 articles and topics to choose from at your leisure.
I urge you to enjoy this blog to its fullest extent once (most of you) finish your final exams and run into some free time.

I will be back in 8 weeks, with a head full of material (that I will read on the plane) and a fresh mindset with which to spilleth my creative juices unto thee.

Until then, take it easy - and if it's easy, take it.


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