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Thursday, June 6, 2013

6 June 2013

Another Throwback Thursday on The Daily Quota, where we pay homage to some of the classic posts from the past.
Today, we have dug up a Sardonic Saturday post from 27 April. We here at The Daily Quota love monkeys, and we also love pictographs, so that better way to convey our disdain for society than by encapsulating it as a monkey experiment?

27 April 2013

Welcome, Daily Quoters, to another edition of Sardonic Satudays - where every silver lining has a cloud.
Today's Daily Quota is a delightful little piece that, I believe, is a great anecdote for many things in society - approaches to science, approaches to religion, but most notably, society itself. 
Note that the image below was used to apply to 'Marine Corps' - but it's one of those things that can apply to many situations.

Although the pretty little pictures outline the experiment, the link below is to the book where this experiment was initially conducted. There is, however, some uncertainty as to the book's sources - with one viable solution being that the entire experiment was hypothetical!

Quite interesting, nonetheless. Have a read!


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