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Sunday, June 16, 2013

16 June 2013

Well Daily Quoters, this is the last edition of Superficial Sundays for almost two months.
Why? Because your faithful and reliable broadcaster is heading to Europe 12 hours after his final exam.

As such, The Daily Quota will be on hiatus till mid August!
Although I don't anticipate anyone missing me too much (one can hope).

Whatever the case, today's trivial Daily Quota is dedicated to all law students who are in the same boat as me - the Procrastination Boat. It's kinda like the Titanic, except its intended destination is a Distinction average. Needless to say, it shares the same fate as the one that was heading to New York City.

The folks over at Survive Law often post funny, informative, and sometimes trivial stuff that law students might find interesting. Today, it posted The Semester Summarised in Memes.
Very appropriate that it will actually proliferate procrastination.

Ah well, set the sails!


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