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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

8 January 2013

Today's Quota is one that I found educational, intuitive and compatible with all the contemporary diet fads.
It's a TED talk by Dr. Terry Wahls (strangely not on the TED website) called Minding your Mitochondria. In it, she discusses her fight with MS and how traditional Western medicine reduced her to near-paralysis.
She turned to a natural diet, high in specific vegetables that mimic the diets of ancient cultures.

Anyone who is a fan of the Paleo Diet will be a fan of her diet. A lot of parallels.
Her rule of thumb is 'three plates a day' - one of B-vitamin rich vegetables, one of sulfur-rich mushrooms and cabbage, and one of other superfoods like kale, salmon, seaweed and many more.

Great to make note before hitting the supermarket.
Such a great talk. Enjoy, folks!


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