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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

15 January 2013

A great one for ancient history buffs.
Recently, The Discovery Channel has been running a several part series on Ancient Egyptian mummification as part of their Curiosity program.
We all know a bit about mummification. Something about embalming, some jars, the removal of organs and a lot of bandages. Oh and the whole brains through the nose thing.

This series, however, goes one better.
After bringing in some heavyweight Egyptologists such as Dr. Jo Fletcher (University of York, contributor to The Guardian and BBC), a group of scientists and surgeons actually perform a mummification in the traditional manner.
Employing new technology and ancient technique, they successfully mummify a deceased volunteer's body. Then, they reverse-engineer the whole process to compare results with 3,000 year old 'ones we prepared earlier'.

Today's Daily Quota is a series of previews of Curiosity's series on Mummification. Each preview is around 2-6 minutes in length, and provide some great shots of mummified corpses.
Which is always fun!


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