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Friday, January 11, 2013

12 January 2013

One of the biggest phenomena of the internet age is the concept of crowd-sourcing.
This involves outsourcing a task or research or a question to a 'crowd' (such as the internet), employing the mantra of 'wisdom of the people'. This 'crowd' then essentially contributes in their own way, solving the problem, answering the question, or identifying the most popular item.

This concept started off as Wikipedia, online democratization; but has evolved as uploaders pose each and every question to the infinite wisdom of the internet masses. Even synthetic medicine is being crowd-sourced as people upload their entire DNA genome and wait as others tailor-make a vaccine.
Incredible. There's an article on that coming up in the next few weeks.

Today, given my incredibly tight time frame, I've decided to crowd-source the question of health, diet and fitness. Luckily, I've found a convenient summary of several Reddit contributors on such a question. I've had a read of it, and it's actually quite reliable.
It's called the Reddit Guide to Fitness.
Easy to digest, full of quick information, but like everything you read or see in the news, make sure you cross-reference!


Tomorrow is the Daily Quota's final day of the Health and Diet week. We'll be touching on the concept of stem cell research, particularly in the context of combating cancer.
Definitely not a Superficial Sunday tomorrow.

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