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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

23 January 2013

Over the past year, injuries, curiosity and newfound skill sets have caused me to try a whole bunch of training regimes. My current obsession is body-weight conditioning, particularly on gymnastics rings.

Today's Daily Quota is a great collection of body-weight exercises that involve little to no equipment. Not only are they practical, but the risk of injury is significantly less than CrossFit. The flexibilty and core strength you'll gain outweighs pilates, and in many cases, the potential muscle mass and definition outweighs traditional body-building.

These kinds of workouts are not for beginners, or even intermediate weights trainers. These kinds of workouts are ideal for those with a background in it - CrossFitters, gymnasts, even lighter body builders. But hey, start light, and go for gold.
I've seen significant improvements in just four months. Be warned though - patience really is a virtue.

This are 20 workouts out of thousands; but they're a great start.


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