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Sunday, January 27, 2013

27 January 2013

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Today's Daily Quota is a music video from one of the most talented bands out there. However, what makes them so special is that they do not take themselves seriously in the slightest.
Steel Panther is a contemporary metal band that exists to take the absolute piss out of 80's rock bands. They take a satirical hit at everyone from Iron Maiden to Guns'n'Roses to Bon Jovi. They're the Spinal Tap of a new generation.
The thing is, they're actually very, very talented.

For anyone that has listened to Steel Panther, you'll find that their music is actually fantastic. Almost all of their songs have been smash hits amongst fans - and not just for their satire.
To put it another way, if it wasn't for their blatant vulgarity and sexism, they'd be on the radio.

For instance, this is their track list from their most recent album Balls Out, and this is the track list from their previous album Feel the Steel.

The link below is to one of their biggest hits - Community Property.
Just listen to the first few lines. Look at these guys. You can't hate them. In fact, you can't not love them.


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