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Monday, January 7, 2013

7 January 2013

Welcome to another week of The Daily Quota; another seven days of daily facts, enlightenment and shit-talk.
This week, The Daily Quota dedicates these seven days, and seven posts, to the pursuit of Health & Well-being.  Let's crack some of the myths about dieting, let's take a look at what is really making us sick.

As Hippocrates famously hypothesized; Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.
Modern scholarship, contemporary diet fads and every physician without their hand in some cookie jar will tell you the same thing.

Today's Quota takes a focus on the biology behind stress. In particular, the Adrenal Fatigue that we all experience as a result of busy lives.
This piece is written by Diane from the Balanced Bites blog, contributing to the Robb Wolf page - one of the most vocal supporters of the Paleo Diet (we'll touch on this in the upcoming days).

The article discusses the various chemical reactions that occur in your adrenal glands when they are met with stressors like over/under-training, mental stress, lack of sleep or caffeine over-consumption (guilty).
Bascially, it all comes down to the excretion of the anti-stress hormone called Cortisol, and how effectively it can be released via neurotransmitters.

Interesting stuff, doesn't require any pre-requisite medical knowledge, and very very relevant to our busy lives.

Hope this week provides some insight!


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