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Thursday, April 25, 2013

25 April 2013

A month ago, we took a look at Paleolithic lifestyles and diets; comparing them to our own. That post was incredibly well-received, and remains the second-most viewed post in the history of this blog. 
Although I do believe that its popularity was mainly due
Source: Wall Street Journal

As we recall, we took a look at Prof. Marlene Zuk's book Paleofantasy. This book took a contrarian view to the hugely popular Paleo Diet and the supplementary exercise regimes (such as Cross Fit and Tough Mudder).

She put forward half-hypothetical-half-academic arguments that humans evolve far more rapidly and efficiently than we give ourselves credit for.
In summary, we aren't still in a state of Paleolithic inertia where our bodies now are still finely tuned to the lifestyles of our ancestors.

Prominent blogger Mark Sisson, of Mark's Daily Apple, tends to disagree. Today's Daily Quota is Mark's negative review of Zuk's book. 
In this review, he goes over some of her main points, and either discusses them, or rebuts them with some of his own blog posts.

Bear in mind that Mark is a huge Cross Fit and Paleo Diet advocate - so it's unsurprising that he takes an opposing view to her opposing view.
However, he does try to be open-minded in his review. Although there are some parts where he clearly cannot hold himself back from lashing out.

Whatever the case, a review such as his not only provides a good summary of Paleofantasy, but also outlines some counter-arguments. Definitely a great piece for those interesting in these topics, especially the argument-prone of you. 


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