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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

23 April 2013

Why are human beings so inclined to cheat?
I'm not talking about romantic cheating - I'm talking about the other kind of cheating; academic misconduct, doping etc. 
Aaaah the ol' bait and switch. I'm quite sure that half my audience has just tuned out.

Today's Daily Quota is an excerpt from Why We Cheat by Ferric C. Fang and Arturo Casadevall via Delancey Place. This website works in a similar fashion to The Daily Quota - every day, they post an excerpt from a book; covering a wide range of topics one day at a time.
I'd highly recommend setting up an email subscription.

This excerpt samples a few opening paragraphs, and gives an insight into the kind of things that the reader may expect to learn. So apparently a majority of students and a large minority of researchers have admitted to cheating over the past few years - in one degree or another.

Surprisingly, some studies suggest that the propensity to cheat is not, in fact, determined by a logical risk-benefit analysis. It is, however, greatly effected by the gravity of the cheating - the greater the gravity, the higher the guilt, and the lower the propensity to cheat.

Interesting stuff.
Perhaps this information can be applied to matrimony - but that reader base tuned out a long time ago didn't they?
Joke's on them.


Alternatively, the full issue can be read here.

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