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Thursday, April 18, 2013

18 April 2013

Long-time Daily Quoters might recall some past posts on socio-political magazine Vice.
To celebrate their first season on the airwaves, we take a look at one of their most popular and distressing stories.

Today's Daily Quota takes a look at China's One Child Policy and its effects on the lives of its female population. Some of the more distressing aspects of this extreme social reform are forced abortions and even corpse brides.
Allow me to elaborate.

China's One Child Policy was introduced in 1978 to curb foreseeable overpopulation. This, however, could not have happened in a worse place - given the traditional importance placed on the male offspring. Since families get one shot at a child, they'd rather it be male - often leading to abortions, abandonment and even infant dumping. 
Despite the prediction of 30-40 million fewer Chinese women than men by 2020, population does not seem to be slowing down
This whole mess gets worse.
Child-bride trafficking on all sides of the border has risen. Some families have been digging up female corpses and reburying them next to the graves of deceased bachelors so that they have a bridge in the afterlife. Some stories have even emerged in The Economist about families being penalised up to six-times their annual income for spawning multiple children.

If that isn't enough, here's another hard-hitting statistic - Chinese women account for 56% of female suicides globally. That is a staggering statistic. 

This article goes on to cite many more examples of forced abortions, infants being run over my government vehicles and winners of compensation having to earn it by working for the government. Yes, it's a horrible, horrible mess.


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