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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 April 2013

Everyone has seen Jurassic Park - and if you haven't, you are missing a significant chunk of cinematography. The unique use of wax figures instead of early 90's CGI has ensured that Jurassic Park stood the test of time, and hadn't ended

Have you ever thought about how the dinosaurs' sound effects came to be?
Contrary to popular belief, they weren't synthesised. They were all hybrids of various animals and objects. Today's Daily Quota is an interesting piece from Vulture, where they interview sound designer Gary Rydstrom. A lot of information was disclosed...

The funny bit is that most of the sounds were when the respective animals were on heat.
For instance, the Gallimimus' howl was a mare on heat, while the Velociraptor's hiss was turtles having sex. The T-Rex was based almost entirely on one of the Lydstrom's pet terrier, while the Brachiosaurus' sneeze near the end was 'a mix between a whale blowhole and a fire hydrant'
Yes, enlightening stuff.
Definitely a 'fun fact' Daily Quota for today.
For ease, the article breaks it down into each species of dinosaur, with accompanying videos embedded into the text.


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