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Saturday, March 23, 2013

23 March 2013

Another Sardonic Saturday on The Daily Quota - where every silver lining has a cloud!

The mainstream media seems to have finally jumped onto the fact that the West seems to be, evidently, engaging in a 'hot' cyber war with China, Russia, and any other NGO's that attempt to penetrate our cyber-space.
This should not be any new information to anyone.

However, how prepared are we, and our biggest ally the United States?
How are we to retaliate to such a cyber-attack, especially when its almost impossible to trace the origin of the attack? Even if we do, how do we know if that individual was a nationalist hacker, or state sponsored, or otherwise?

A big problem for the future, indeed.
In today's Daily Quota we take a look at a new report from the US Department of Defence titled Resilient Military Systems and the Advanced Cyber Threat. All doom and gloom here, I'm afraid.

It's quite a lengthy report (138 pages), so possibly best to read only the executive summary
Here are the main points one can deduce from the findings:

  • The US is unprepared for a full-scale cyber-war with a top-tier adversary (like Russia or China)
  • It is recommended that offensive measures be put into place, rather than only defensive measures (In fact, the NSA has announced the formation of several divisions of offensive cyber warriors, responding to China's similar action a few years ago.
  • A task force be assembled to advise on matters including deterrence, intelligence priorities and stronger offense and defence.
  • A nuclear strike should remain as a possible, albeit extreme, deterrent to a cyber attack. Yep.

So yeah, happy days ahead!


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