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Monday, May 6, 2013

6 May 2013

A pill-sized Daily Quota for today, folks.
Assessments have deemed me incapacitated as of late, despite my endearing love for you all.

Long-time Daily Quoters would know that I'm a huge comic-book fan.
As such, I've amassed a wealth of knowledge in the area - but I do still require the odd preview and review.
That's where Kapow comes in - hosted by Sonya and Al and shot from Sydney's own King's Comics, it goes through some notable comics, cartoons and collectibles for the week. They even do the odd movie review

If you're interested in anything remotely comics-related, this is a good place to ease into the genre.
Below is a link to the final episode of their recently concluded season. Have a flick through their YouTube Channel and delve into a Multiverse of your choice!


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