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Friday, February 1, 2013

2 February 2013

Welcome again to Sardonic Saturdays on The Daily Quota - where every silver lining has a cloud.

Today's link discusses the recent release of a US Intelligent report on global trends by the year 2030.
Basically, it's the US government's attempt to hypothesize future trends - most of which do sound quite accurate.
This is the report itself, and it's one hell of a PDF file (pedophile?).

It anticipates a shift in power from state actors to individuals and NGOs, a shift from Western to Eastern power blocs, an increasing population placing further strain on resources (particularly in developing countries), and a worsening of climate change.
Hey guys, what's new?

As we can see, the exponential curve is very much taking its toll on humanity. Technology and population are growing exponentially, but resources are staying constant, food output is linear and improvements in technology seem to be addressing the deficiency in fart apps and not the battle against cancer.
Yes, sardonic indeed.


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